Windowpane Wednesday: Golden Hour

We’ve had about four days of clouds, drizzle and rain – compliments of the remnants of Hurricane Delta.

Late yesterday afternoon, I glanced out of the window and noticed dark clouds to one side of the sky, but  sun to the other. So, of course, I grabbed the camera.

Then I stepped out on the deck for a better shot.

And of course, I snapped one with my cell phone.

And how’s your weather?

~These Days Of Mine~


4 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Golden Hour

  1. Like yours……couple of days of rain and “dreariness” but today sunny and beautiful!


  2. I was hoping this would be a blog post …. or maybe I just knew that it would be !? excellent example of contrast here !

  3. Pretty neat photos! Sunshine and gorgeous leaves on the trees here.

  4. Same as yours! The sky was beautiful yesterday. We came back across the ferry at sunset yesterday – WOW!!!

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