Windowpane Wednesday: Swinging With The Scarecrows

We’ve been having some gorgeous autumn weather recently. One afternoon, Motor Man was busy on his computer. Once he finished his work, he went in search of me.

And found me in the front porch swing.

I had been invited to join this sweet scarecrow girl, and we had just taken a selfie a few minutes prior.

My childhood home had a porch swing.  I was told that, when I was a baby, swinging and a “Rockabye Baby” lullaby was the quickest way to get me to sleep.

No napping in the porch swing these days. But it’s a nice place to enjoy an autumn afternoon with the scarecrows…. and my Motor Man.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Swinging With The Scarecrows

  1. Love your porch— perfect place to spend time!

  2. Looks comfy to me but not quite long enough of a swing for a good nap (unless you’re a cat!).


  3. I love my porch swing too! I have the fondest memories of spending time on one during my childhood which is why it was a must at my own house.

  4. Great pics! I love front porch swings too♥ And sounds like there’s a good reason we both do! I heard a similar story from my sister Nita, that she was sometimes requested to rock me on our front porch glider at supper time… Since she was 11 years older, she was somewhat of a built in babysitter;) The neat thing is, I now have that same glider on our front porch♥

  5. Yup – Autumn is definitely here !!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love a porch.& swing any season. Great pics.

  7. A porch swing has been part of most of my life too. You can still find me catching a nap there (replaced by a glider now) on an occasional Sunday afternoon while I’m supposedly reading a book. Yours looks like a nice place for a rest also.

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