Poetic Thursday: Good, Clean Fun

Thursday again…and that means poetry with Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats. This was the nostalgic photo for our inspiration this week:

And here’s my poem:

Good, Clean Fun

Lucy and Ethel, such a great team;
with every show, another hare-brained scheme.

The candy factory job put our girls to the test,
and we all remember what happened next.

As you watched every week, you always knew
that Lucy would have some ‘splaining to do.

Only three channels, but we didn’t mind;
family-friendly shows were easy to find.

It’s sad that era had to come to an end.
Those really were the days, my friend.

~These Days Of Mine~



6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Good, Clean Fun

  1. Yes indeed those were the days for sure…..I Love Lucy was certainly a favorite of many and one of our all time favorite hilarious movies is “The Long, Long Trailer” which we watch at least twice a year. Lucy and Dezi had a lot of problems but you sure couldn’t tell from the show – they were adorable and hilarious. Ahhh…the good old days! Thanks for the fabulous poem for today’s photo. Next week’s saloon ought to be fun too!!!


  2. That was perfectly done Dianna.
    Brought back many memories.
    Well done!!

  3. Oh, how I loved watching I Love Lucy. The good ol’ days really were good because you could find decent TV programs to watch, Now, I honestly can’t find anything worthwhile to turn the TV on for. So much trash.

  4. Very, very nice …. we’re always complaining about the lack of good shows on t.v. now – what a different time – sometimes I’ll think about t.g.i.f. back in the 90’s – that’s when you looked forward to what was coming on later .. all week, sometimes !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Dianna, please tell me you are keeping all you poems. .They deserve to be in a book. You get better and better. Another great one!!

  6. Love your poem as much as the Lucy skit! And it didin’t need to come to an end. What an innocent time.

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