The Eve Of Nineteen

Tomorrow is the nineteenth anniversary of Motor Man’s and my wedding day.  Some of you recall that we were married on 02-02-02 (at 2:02).

Since I don’t blog on Tuesdays, I thought that today, I’d share some thoughts and photos from our wedding day.  Although I’ve written about our wedding before, I think this may be the first time I’ve shared some of these pictures.

We were honored to be given permission to be married at Bacon’s Castle, a special historic property to my family and me. My mom grew up in the house, and Marshall and I both have worked there as guides. (This is the only picture of us that day with the Castle in the background, taken by the photographer we hired. Yes, we were disappointed in the photo quality.)

But what a wonderful day that was: a small, but special wedding with our family and close friends. Our ceremony was in the same room that my Aunt Martha was married in when my family lived there. Her wedding was on Christmas Day in 1935.

Our music was just CD’s and included piano instrumentals for the prelude, and the song “There Is Love” as our family members were being seated. Marshall escorted me down the aisle to Martina McBride’s “My Valentine”.  My dress was my very first purchase on Ebay, and the auction came right down to the wire.

This may be my favorite picture from the Castle that day, taken by my dear friend, Linda.  We hadn’t planned it, but there was an impromptu receiving line after the ceremony.

Our reception was held at a local restaurant. Space at the Castle was limited, so more of our friends were invited to help us celebrate at the reception.

Through the years, we have laughed many time at this next photo. I, of course, had my camera during the reception, and had asked Motor Man to hold my bouquet while I took a picture.  This wasn’t the photo I took, but  it seems that several of our guests got this same shot from different angles. Ah, my two favorite guys.

And we were off to honeymoon at the Outer Banks. (No wild horse trips for us back then.)

We have so many wonderful memories of our wedding day, and it’s always fun to look back on them….and smile.

Happy 19, Motor Man!

~These Days Of Mine~




12 responses to “The Eve Of Nineteen

  1. Huge congrats to you both

  2. I hope your celebration of your 19th will be as special as the first. I love looking at the photos of our wedding and honeymoon and often we “replay” the entire thing and laugh and smile as I’m sure you and JR will be doing. Happy Almost-Anniversary!


  3. Congratulation’s on your nineteenth anniversary. The pictures are beautiful. Love your dress.

  4. Congratulations to a very special couple. Enjoyed reading your memories.

  5. I remember your purchase of the dress and it fit perfectly. 02-02-02 was special indeed.

  6. Everything about your wedding at Bacon’s Castle was so perfect! Especially with the family connection, your mom’s family actually having lived in the house, your aunt getting married in the same room, Marshall and you working there as tour guides and you growing up in Bacon’s Castle♥

  7. 19 yrs … amazing … I would say that it seems like yesterday, but I know it’s been a little longer than that …
    Happy Anniversary !

  8. Gosh, why can’t there be a “love” button on Word Press? I love seeing your photos of that very special day for you and Motor Man. Happy 19th Anniversary, you two. May you have a day tomorrow filled with much love and sweet memories! ❤

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Each year I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about that SPECIAL DAY.. Wishing you & JR a Blessed 19th Anniversary! Love to you both.

  10. Wonderful! Happy 19th with many more years of joy and love ❤ ahead! Love the photos 🙂 Glad you won the lovely eBay dress too! Good health and happy blessings. Thank you so much for sharing with us, much appreciated.

  11. What lovely pictures and memories! Happy anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary – and many more !

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