Windowpane Wednesday: House Finch

I should probably let you know that upcoming Windowpane Wednesday photos for the next few weeks will probably be bird-related.

We are really enjoying the variety of birds we have at our feeders. Those feeders are located just outside our kitchen windows and bedroom windows.

Recently, this house finch couple discovered the suction cup feeder that was a gift from my friend, Donna. You may recall this post about our raccoon visitor from a couple of months ago. Since then, we’ve moved the feeder higher on the window. We don’t believe the raccoons are able to reach it now, but we saw a squirrel jump from the window ledge to the feeder a few days ago.

They finch are a bit skittish of us when we’re in the kitchen, but hopefully, they’ll soon become accustomed to us.

Thanks again for the gift, Donna. I know you love the fact that seeing our feathered friends brings you to mind.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: House Finch

  1. Wonderful picture of Mr and Mrs Finch! I was so hoping you would enjoy the window feeder-makes me happy.
    The birds HAVE been singing and visiting. So who is happier Spring is fast rolling up, us, or our feathered friends? I would say it is a sweet tie. Look forward to many more bird pictures!!

  2. Those house finches are such busy birds…..we already have a couple interested in the front door wreath – every year we have to “discourage” them from making a nest in it. If we didn’t USE the front door it might be fun to have a nest there but…….!!!


  3. LOVE the feeder that Donna gave to you. I’m going to have to get at least one for our kitchen’s picture window. Thanks for the bird identification this morning. We have the same birds, but I couldn’t figure out what they are – House Finches! I like it!

  4. It’s nice they have a good spot to grab some food … the squirrels are crafty, but I don’t think the raccoons would be able to get up there – they’re tricky, though !

  5. I do like that feeder all up close and personal. 😉 The house finches love eating at our feeder which hangs off our deck railing and we can watch them from the kitchen windows by our table.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love the bird feeder I will look for one. It would be great to see them that close. Love the pictures.

  7. Great photos. What an awesome birdfeeder. Donna’s a wonderful friend. Your finch couple are so pretty. They look like purple finches to me. We have those here. They are such fun to watch. 😀

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