Poetic Thursday: Friends InDEED

Thursday means it’s time to share a little poetry. Our hosts, Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats provided us this photo for our inspiration this week:

Here’s my poem:

Friends InDEED

The farmer needed help, no need to ask;
the neighbors were there and up to the task.

They arrived in the morning before the sun,
and by day’s end, the job was done.

Working together, as they’d done before,
they made light work of that massive chore.

The farmer knows that he’s blessed indeed,
he’ll be ready to help when the next one’s in need.

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Friends InDEED

  1. Yes – it’s one of the wonderful things about the Amish community – whoever needs help gets it no questions asked – the favor is returned again and again and again. Nice poem today for the photo inspiration!


  2. reneewilliams7

    A sweet, little poem!!!

  3. We all should take lessons from our Amish brothers and sisters, I think. Nice poem!

  4. ah, yes – the good ol’ barn raising … this is how you get things done !

  5. LOVE the title! What a spirit of community. I remember watching Dad’s brothers and nephews come put up the long implement barn at home when I was a little girl. Mom cooked for everyone.

  6. I was always fascinated to hear about “barn raising ” events when I was in school.
    Nice poem, and like Liz commented, perfect for these challenging times.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Well done, my friend!! ❤

  8. You have quite a talent.

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