Windowpane Wednesday: Wren and Look-alike

Today, I just have one photo to share for Windowpane Wednesday.

This sweet little wren recently landed near its look-alike on the stake bird feeder in the flowerbed in front of our kitchen windows.

There was no seed in that feeder, but little wren didn’t have to look far to find a bite to eat.

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Wren and Look-alike

  1. Maybe he thought he’d found a friend – until he got closer and saw it wasn’t!


  2. Sweet and a perfect photo op.

  3. Sweet, gentle shot!
    I love the little feeder/fountain.
    Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day!

  4. Very nice … life imitating art ??

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a lovely thing to wake up to.

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