Poetic Thursday: Admire From Afar

Not only is today Poetic Thursday, but it’s also April Fools’ Day. As usual, I’m spending part of my Thursday with Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats as we have some fun with poetry.

This is the photo we were given for our inspiration this week:

Here’s my poem:

Admire From Afar

Three hundred fifty feet in the air;
we didn’t, but would YOU dare?

The picture is proof that we were here,
gathering our courage and facing our fear.

We just paddled up here for the view,
one that is witnessed by very few.

The beauty and power will take your breath,
but a trip over these falls would mean certain death.

Beautiful, but deadly, many things are.
Those are always best admired from afar.

This is such an amazing picture, I did some research and learned exactly where it was taken. To recap: these are the Victoria Waterfalls, the largest in the world, located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The three young men, two from South Africa and one from the US, are standing on one of the islands that are accessible during dry seasons. The photographer took the pictures from a helicopter. For more info and pictures, click here.

Oh, and by the way, your shoelace is untied. April Fool!

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Admire From Afar

  1. Great poem, and love the back story!
    Waterfalls are always fascinating!!

  2. I am definitely a ‘from afar’ kinda girl! But what a picture and what a wonderful poem that takes my mind on a venture.

  3. I probably should have included the back-story since I knew it was for real but it’s amazing that many think it’s photo-shopped. These guys really had to be at least temporarily insane to even stand on the EDGE of the falls. HAHA Glad you wrote a poem with us this week – it was a fun photo!


  4. Yikes! That’s a scary photo. Some people are so very adventurous and I admire their courage. Great poem and that’s not April Fool’s joke. 😉

  5. Very nice …. yup – admire from very afar !!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree with Marshall. Very nice indeed!

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