Windowpane Wednesday: Wild Turkey

Monday afternoon, I happened to glance out of our dining room windows and saw something I’d never seen before in our yard.

My readers know that we have herons, egrets, ducks, Canada geese, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer, and a variety of birds. (Did I leave out any species?)

But, until Monday, we’d never seen….a wild turkey.

But there it was, out near the street, walking across our yard.

I didn’t have time to grab the best lens for pictures, so these will have to do.

I called Motor Man to come look and said: “I’ve never seen a turkey here before”.  He replied: “Well, yes, you have: me”.

Always the comedian.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Wild Turkey

  1. I bet this will be a common occurrence now. That Motor Man is such a jokester!

  2. That’s one thing we have NOT yet seen here…..bears yes/turkeys no!


  3. Awesome you have now added the Virginia Turkey to the Keen Nature Preserve!
    The more I see turkeys, the more I am fascinated by their color and beauty
    So welcome to the family Tom!

  4. Why’d the turkey cross your yard ?

  5. To get to the other side!!! Sorry Marshall:)

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Pretty soon you & JR can open your own Zoo!! lol

  7. Ha! Your MM is such a jokester! 🙂 We have turkey in our yard a lot.

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