Windowpane Wednesday, Majestic, Part 2

Last week, for Windowpane Wednesday, I shared photos of an immature eagle and a bald eagle in our yard.

The following day, we had another visit: this time from two bald eagles. First, this one.

I do believe he was posing for me.

Yes, you majestic bird,  I am looking at you.

You’re so regal, and I’m happy you enjoy visiting our yard.

I was glad that I was able to capture this on video. There is no sound, but you should be able to watch full screen. I’m experiencing quite a bit of buffering when I watch; hopefully that’s just my computer, and you won’t have the same problem.

Eagles are always welcome visitors here at our ‘zoo’. We always enjoy catching a glimpse of them ‘up close and personal’.

~These Days Of Mine~


5 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday, Majestic, Part 2

  1. I am still thinking there’s an eagles nest somewhere fairly close to your house……OR it’s an osprey nest and the eagles are raiding it as they often do. Either way, how wonderful to be able to see eagles that closely. They are such “regal” birds!


  2. So amazingly awesome! My hubby would be ecstatic to see this in OUR yard!

  3. These are amazing …. any photographer would be fortunate to get just one image as good as any of these – and it would probably take them a long time..

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Eagles are such amazing and wonderful birds. What a blessing to have them come visit you!!!

  5. Absolutely Amazing! They truly are majestic birds. I never tire of seeing them. I agree, that they probably have a nest nearby. Always loved seeing and hearing them on the farm.

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