Poetic Thursday: Snacks?

Thursday and poetry as I join Pam and her boys, Teddy and Angel Sammy, at Two Spoiled Cats for Poetic Thursday.

This is the photo we were given as inspiration for today’s poem:

I struggled a bit with this one. Growing up in a rural area, I didn’t go to many movies ‘back in the day’. And Google, surprisingly, didn’t offer much on this subject.  But, my Motor Man (a former ‘city boy’), helped me out a little with his memories.

Here’s my poem:


A new one on me, but I guess it’s the same
as a hot dog vendor at a baseball game.

Enjoying the movie, but need to eat?
At your service!  You can stay in your seat.

We make it easy to munch and sip,
and smiles are free if you remember to tip.

Do you remember snack vendors at movie theaters?

~These Days Of Mine~

5 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Snacks?

  1. Thanks to JR’s memories! I don’t remember “usherettes” in movie theaters but I sure enjoyed the vendors at baseball games!


  2. How cute! I don’t remember the “usherettes” either, but Motor Man’s memories and your words made me laugh this morning.

  3. I went to the movies at the theater in Waverly, but we did not have usherettes – cute poem!!

  4. Very good ! – I miss the theater experience- never had one quite like this, but the last time I went was ’05 or ’06 – a lot has changed since then..

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Did not have the usherettes (except at ballgrames0 but did have the snack bar before going into the movie. You and JR did a great job!!

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