Poetic Thursday: She Waits

As I do each week, today I’m participating in Poetic Thursday with Pam and her kitties at Two Spoiled Cats.

This is the intriguing photo we were given for this week’s inspiration:

How beautiful and thought-provoking; so many interpretations are possible with this picture. What are your thoughts?  Is she saying good-bye, awaiting her loved one to return?

Here is my poem:

She Waits

Each day, she comes down to wait by the sea,
reliving unspoken memories.

They walked together along the sand,
laughing, talking, hand-in-hand.

Then one day, he said with a sigh:
“I have to leave, but please don’t cry.

I’ll come back one day, but I can’t say when.”
She lives for the moment she’ll see him again.

This dress was his favorite. He always said
she was never more beautiful than when she wore red.

She always brings music: it helps her be strong.
And she smiles whenever she hears their song.

Now, in the distance, his boat she sees,
and she softly whispers: he’s come home to me.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: She Waits

  1. Oh that’s just so sweet! Many others picked up on a similar idea with their poems…..either a returning love or a departing love. I went with STRANGE for my theme. It was a really thought-provoking photo we picked this week wasn’t it!! Next week’s is downright SCARY.


  2. How romantic. A novel written in fourteen (14) lines. Great job!

  3. Oh, I wish WordPress had a ‘love’ button because that’s what I’d press instead of ‘like.’

  4. Oh Dianna! That was awesome @ so stirring.
    Made me think of the song Brandy. “…..but my true love is the sea” Or something similar.
    Amazing job!!

  5. I really like this one – I wonder what their song is ? and if the man she’s waiting for were to answer her with a song, it would be something similar to “Lady In Red” – I just looked up the lyrics because I couldn’t remember them all, but it’s fitting …

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a romantic and heart touching poem!!

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