All Ten!

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man found this on the internet, and emailed it to me.  Click on the photo to read the article.

Here Are 10 Of The Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns In Virginia

As I looked at the list, I realized that we’d been to nine of the ten. The only city we’d never visited was Onancock, which is on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  We’ve been on the Eastern Shore many times and driven by the street leading into Onancock, but had never turned there.

So, last Sunday, we corrected that oversight.

We discovered a quaint little town.

Apparently, not many businesses there are open on Sundays, but we enjoyed seeing the sights. Check out these gorgeous pink petunias.

We took our tripod, so we could get a couple of pictures of us.

I doubt we’d pose this freely if a stranger were taking our picture.

Just for the record, the other nine cities that made that list were:

Smithfield (our ‘home’ town)

It was another nice Sunday drive. For my fellow Virginians, how many of the ten have you visited?

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “All Ten!

  1. Great pictures ! The pink flowers were awesome and you both took great pictures.
    I like lists like that.
    Recently I was gifted à book “1000 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die”
    I probably should have gotten earlier in my life. 😄

  2. That was a great idea. Maybe we should check off a top ten list.

  3. Ah – a true completionist ! well done !
    I think I’ve been to four – and I live in one !

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I have been there a long time ago. Lovely little community. We have been to three others. Love the pictures especially the petunias. Those were my Momma’s favorite, When we built our home on the other side of tower in Surry she planted them right by the road. so pretty.

  5. Love the idea of having the list of charming destinations to visit. We’ve visited seven of the ten – want to visit the others and maybe resvisit some we’ve seen before. Petunias are beautiful-I can almost smell them from the picture. Of course, I agree with the choice of our home town too!

  6. Looks like a fun Sunday trip! Those pink petunias are so pretty! I recently saw one of those “only in your state” articles about our state too and was totally surprised that my hometown was listed as one of those small towns worth a visit.

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