Windshield Wednesday: Easy Rider

Instead of Windowpane Wednesday, today we have Windshield Wednesday. These photos were taken through the windshield of our truck.

Monday afternoon,  Motor Man and I were in a nearby city and stopped a traffic light. When we saw this, we knew that I had to get pictures.

This little pooch was happy as could be, riding along with its “master”. At first glance, we thought the little dog was riding in a carrier attached to the bike, but soon realized he was in a backpack.

I don’t think he was too thrilled about having his picture taken.

Soon he forgot about me (and my cell phone) and continued to enjoy the ride.

Motor Man happened to be watching as they made a turn and said the little dog ‘leaned’ right into the turn. So this obviously wasn’t his first ride.

~These Days Of Mine~



6 responses to “Windshield Wednesday: Easy Rider

  1. He looks very happy to be where he is – riding along with his “Dad” or his friend or whoever is taking him along. Reminds me of the man in the antique car we all saw in Manassas when we took that train ride a few years ago – he had a big dog in the passenger seat and the dog had goggles on and was looking very “regal” in his seat! Ride along friends are fun.


  2. Man’s best friend, or in this case, dog’s best ride! So neat to see his comfort and trust.

  3. In that second photo, he looks like he’s saying “You lookin’ at me?” to you (in a New York kind of accent). Ha!

  4. He looks experienced & right at home !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The doggie seemed very ok with his bike ride!!

  6. So cute! I always worry about them jumping out.
    He looked happy enough!

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