A Mewsworthy Celebration

Today is International Cat Day, and I’d like to share with you the contestants that will be celebrating with our family today:

First up is the beautiful calico, Sundae.  Sundae is 13 years old and hails (as far as we know) from Gloucester, Va, but has called Smithfield home for 12 years.

Sundae enjoys napping, bird watching from the comfort of her window seats, cuddling with her hoomans, and eating.

She will also conduct a ‘cat scan’ when necessary.

Our next contestant is Gypsy, a gorgeous gray tabby.  Gypsy is a native of Smithfield, Virginia. She is nine years old and has worked for many years as office assistant/greeter at a local business.  She’s also trained as a stress counselor.

Gypsy’s hobbies include eating, greeting all visitors to ‘her’ shop, and bird watching from the safety of the office, and cuddling with her hoomans.

Oh, and relaxing in one of her many kitty beds.

We also have two ‘guest contestants’.  Please meet Sibyl on the left and Snugg on the right.   These two beauties (obviously) spend their time eating and napping.

We declare you all winners and wish you a Happy International Cat Day.

Now….take the day off and just relax.

~These Days Of Mine~


4 responses to “A Mewsworthy Celebration

  1. Yup – only winners featured here !

  2. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Four pretty & sweet kitties. All four contestants win in my book!

  3. I say it’s a four-way tie!


  4. Those “FurBabies” are sure “Furtunate”! They have the best homes!

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