Windowpane Wednesday: Blues

We can thank kitty Sundae  for today’s photos. And the advancement in the quality of cell phone pictures.

Saturday morning,  I went to see where she was and found her upstairs. I sat down on the floor beside her to give her some pets, and happened to glance out a nearby window.

What caught my eye first was the contrail:

Then I opened the door and stepped out on the balcony and noticed all the blues.

Apparently, there was a storm across the river.

The sun was trying to make its way through the clouds, while an egret was on the hunt for breakfast at the water’s edge.

Thanks, Sundae. I’m glad I didn’t miss this gorgeous morning scene.

~These Days Of Mine~



5 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Blues

  1. wow, what a show! thanks o capturing it

  2. Breathtaking! What an amazing sky! Now that’s a great way to start the day. God sure put on a show that morning.

  3. I think you can officially call Sundae your “photographer’s assistant” now!


  4. Wow, stunning photos! I love those blues.

  5. This is an amazing one – the kind that you don’t get all that often..
    & some of those clouds in 2 & 3 look like a mountain range miles and miles away … Good job, Sundae !

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