Poetic Thursday: Wheels

It’s Poetic Thursday again. As usual, we’re linking up with our friend, Pam, and her kitties over at Two Spoiled Cats.

This week’s inspirational photo:

And my poem:


So here’s the deal
with guys and their wheels.

Trikes, scooters, bikes and cars;
falls, scrapes, dents and scars.

Doesn’t matter, fast or slow,
gotta move, gotta go.

Self-propelled or fueled by gas,
on the pavement, on the grass.

Oh, it’s a race? That’s even better:
the fastest one will take the checkers.*

* racing term for checkered flag/winning.

~These Days Of Mine~


4 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Wheels

  1. They sure start young. Speed is built in them, huh? Your poem says it all.

  2. HA! I almost ended my poem with a line about “checkers” – wasn’t this a fun photo to do a poem for? Good job!


  3. What a great ending !

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    That’s what I call cute little tikes. Love your poem!!

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