The Weekend

To recap our weekend:

My Motor Man is having some issues with his back, so it was a ‘close to home’ weekend for us. Hope you feel better soon, Motor Man.

There have been previous mentions here of my “Surry Girls” group.  I grew up in Surry County, and am friends with several girls that I’ve known since first grade. Some of us were together for our entire school career.  We had lunch on Friday to celebrate Cathy’s birthday.  We all wore purple (her favorite color) in her honor.  We had lunch at Wharf Hill Brewing Company, where the hostess took our picture and posted it to their Facebook page. (I think we’re somewhat famous there..!)

Later that day, I came home and worked in our flowerbeds, weeding, raking leaves, discovering new growth on some of my perennials, buds on the hydrangeas and my climbing yellow rose.  I kept an eye out for ‘nests’….bunnies, snakes (!), etc. The only thing I uncovered was a box turtle, but I saw it in time to avoid disturbing it. I did have some  company, but I couldn’t persuade him to help pull weeds.

Saturday (Earth Day) dawned with the gift of a gorgeous sunrise. Most of the day was nice, so more work in the flowerbeds.

Later in the day, a cool front blew in, bringing us welcome rain with just a little rumbling of thunder, reminiscent of a summer storm.

Sunday was a cool, gorgeous day and we ended this weekend with this sunset.

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3 responses to “The Weekend

  1. You gals sure know how to have FUN!!! Happy for the Birthday Girl and her friends. And it really was a beautiful weekend, and your pictures captured it. A little COOL this morning though.

  2. I know you girls always have fun when you have a get-together. Not many people can say they’re still in touch with people they went through ALL of school with. One thing I love about smaller towns. Beautiful photos!


  3. Happy Birthday, Happy Earth Day – and good pics to show it !

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