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Impossible To Imagine

My late sister, Rose, would have been eighty years old today.

Rose was 18, I was 3

When we’ve lost someone at a young age, whether it’s a family member, a celebrity (Elvis) or a politician (JFK), and then decades pass by, it’s impossible to imagine them the age they would be now.

Her wedding day. She was 19

The year prior to her death, Rose “celebrated” her 30th birthday. She was one of those who DREADED turning 30. It was such a huge deal to her.  But, after her death, I was struck by this fact: she hated turning 30…..but she never made it to 31. 

A cousin’s wedding. She was 24, I was 9

So, among all the bittersweet memories brought about by Rose’s tragic, untimely death, one thing I took from it was to never anguish over another birthday milestone.

Rose and me, late 60’s. She was nearing 30

Happy Birthday, Rose. As vivacious and full of life as you were, I know you would still be that way at 80.  I so wish you’d had the opportunity to celebrate more milestone birthdays.

Probably the last photo taken of Rose, just 9 days before her death. To read the story, click on the picture

Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied to many.” (Unknown)

~These Days Of Mine~








Since 1969

April 15. To most folks, the date is usually associated with the IRS and tax returns.

Since 1969, it’s been a reminder to my family of the day we lost my sister, Rose, to domestic violence.  I recently discovered a couple of photos from her wedding day and am sharing them today in her memory.

This first picture is so….1950’s. I love the swirl of her dress.  And her little pumps (she wore a size 6 1/2 shoe). The snapshot was cut in half by my mom following Rose’s murder. And understandably so.

rose wedding day 7-30-2015 10-13-059

This next photo was found in my late aunt’s photo album. That’s my mom on the left, her sister, Lucille, beside her, then Rose and Rose’s husband.  The little girl on the far right is me.  I was not quite four at the time, so I don’t remember anything about that day.  But I do know that this was taken in the yard of the groom’s parents, and we were standing by a goldfish pond.

mom lucill rose wedding eddie dianne 7-30-2015 10-13-059

(For those of you who may be wondering, Roses’s estranged husband was sentenced to twenty years in prison and served four years before being paroled in 1973. He committed suicide in 2009.)

Sad memories of Rose’s tragic death will be at the surface today, but I’ll try to push those away and focus on happier times.

Been doing that since 1969.

~These Day Of Mine~

One Picture, So Many Thoughts

Finding old family photos is always a thrill for me. But rarely does one bring about the feelings that the one did that I’m sharing today.

rose andrew va doris 3-30-2015 2-37-30 PM

The blonde in the forefront is my sister, Rose (Rose Mae, as written on the margin). Behind her, to the left, is my aunt, Doris, my aunt, Virginia, in the center, and her husband, my uncle, Andrew, on the right. Everyone in this picture has since passed on.

But what was intriguing to me when I found this picture was what was written on the back.

roses pic - back 4-5-2015 3-30-47 PM

I “googled” and found that Easter in 1969 was on April 7, meaning this photo was taken on Saturday night, April 6.

Some of you will recall that my sister Rose died as a result of domestic violence. That was on  April 15, 1969. This was, most likely, the last picture taken of her.

Some other thoughts I have about this picture:

The handwriting, I’m fairly certain, is that of my Aunt Lucille, so the “at mother’s” would mean this was taken at my Grandmother’s. But the placement of the door, window and oil stove aren’t familiar to me. I emailed the picture to my sister, June, and she doesn’t know, either.

Although I would have recognized everyone in the picture, I’m so thankful that my aunt made note of the date.

The larger framed picture on the wall is of Bacon’s Castle.

Rose is wearing a pair of brown leather slacks that she’d recently bought. My mom wasn’t too sure about those….

 I wish Rose had been facing the camera.

~These Days Of Mine~