Since 1969

April 15. To most folks, the date is usually associated with the IRS and tax returns.

Since 1969, it’s been a reminder to my family of the day we lost my sister, Rose, to domestic violence.  I recently discovered a couple of photos from her wedding day and am sharing them today in her memory.

This first picture is so….1950’s. I love the swirl of her dress.  And her little pumps (she wore a size 6 1/2 shoe). The snapshot was cut in half by my mom following Rose’s murder. And understandably so.

rose wedding day 7-30-2015 10-13-059

This next photo was found in my late aunt’s photo album. That’s my mom on the left, her sister, Lucille, beside her, then Rose and Rose’s husband.  The little girl on the far right is me.  I was not quite four at the time, so I don’t remember anything about that day.  But I do know that this was taken in the yard of the groom’s parents, and we were standing by a goldfish pond.

mom lucill rose wedding eddie dianne 7-30-2015 10-13-059

(For those of you who may be wondering, Roses’s estranged husband was sentenced to twenty years in prison and served four years before being paroled in 1973. He committed suicide in 2009.)

Sad memories of Rose’s tragic death will be at the surface today, but I’ll try to push those away and focus on happier times.

Been doing that since 1969.

~These Day Of Mine~

17 responses to “Since 1969

  1. So sorry that you and your family have this terrible memory to deal with all the time but most especially on the anniversary of the day…….sending you hugs…….I’m sure Rose is very proud of her little sister.


  2. I remember your beautiful sister from your post last year. Beautiful tribute, Dianna.

  3. You’re in my thoughts, Dianna. Rose was beautiful as are you. MJ

  4. How strong you are Dianna. There is such beauty in these old photos. Glad you have the strength of character to see beyond the pain. Love the goldfish pond picture. Rose was a beauty and you so resemble her. I know it was a treasure to find some more photos of her. And what a sweet picture of your mother. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A Beautiful, Loving tribute to a dear sister. So glad you have the pictures.

  6. So sorry Dianna. Can’t even begin to imagine the pain associated with this day. Thinking of you.

  7. We have to push the bad memories down and fill ourselves with the good ones. That’s how one survives a tragedy like the one your family went through. The good memories of your dear sister Rose will carry you through this day just like they have been doing since 1969. Be blessed this day, Dianna, with loads of good memories! ❤

  8. Oh my gosh, you haven’t changed! Praying that loving memories will be yours today.

  9. Very good to see these..
    This is a painful chapter in the family history, but this
    is a fitting tribute. Glad to see the pics ..

  10. Skeletons in the Closet

    Dianna, may you find peace and consolation as your thoughts today are focused on your sister. Don’t let her tragic end overshadow the fond memories you have of her.

  11. I know first hand that certain calendar days can bring tears and mournful memories that return with unfailing regularity. I am so sorry you are having to relive such a terrible loss Dianna.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree with Donna you are very strong to share your pain, dear friend. Rose was a beautiful lady and you look a lot like her, indeed. Just try to remember the good things and times you had with your lovely sister.

  13. I’m glad you have photos to help you remember her. Tragedy in families can tear them apart or make them stronger. Yours seems to have stayed strong.

  14. Dianna, thinking of you and praying for God’s continued healing and peace as only He can give. ♥♥ Marilyn

  15. I’m sorry you had to go through such a tragedy. I’m sure you will always miss your sister.

  16. Bittersweet post, Dianna.

  17. Grace DePasquale

    I remember you telling me bout your sister being killed, but I didn’t realize it was her husband that did it. I can’t believe he only got 20 yrs. and only served 4…..where was the justice for your sister?? I love her dress!!

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