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Random Five Friday

Can you believe it’s Friday again? Where did that week go? Oh well, here’s some randomness from the past few days.

1.)  There are certain shrubs/flowers that always remind me of my mom.  Of course, there are hydrangea (high geraniums to her), gladioli (which I’m pretty sure she called gladiolias), and irises. And I have all of those in my yard. But there are others that remind me of her even more, and I think it’s because I DON’T have those: snowball bushes, bridal wreath, and until recently: weigela.  Last summer, I bought a tiny weigela shrub twig on sale at Lowe’s for no more than a couple of dollars. I was so excited to notice yesterday that it’s blooming.

weigela 5-1-2014 10-24-56 AM

2.) Speaking of flowers, I think I’m finally in the mood to begin the visits to the nurseries/greenhouses. Last summer, I took photos of some of my favorite containers, so I have an idea of what I’d like to buy. I’ll definitely be trying this combo again.

mexican petunia

3.)  Yesterday morning, Bride Swan was back for a visit, and this time, Groom was with her. One day, I WILL get a shot of their necks forming a heart shape.

almost heart 5-1-2014 3-34-49 PM

They stayed all day and were here for the sunset.

bride groom sunset 5-1-2014 7-42-06 PM

4.) Have you been missing Sundae here on These Days? She’s doing just fine. I caught her, recently, enjoying a morning sun puddle.

sundae sun puddle 4-4-2014 10-49-55 AM

5.) Motor Man and I are looking forward to a weekend adventure of a different sort; details next week!

~These Days Of Mine~