Street Rods – Part 3 – Driving Miss Vicky

If you read Sunday’s entry on These Days, you’ll remember this little yellow street rod:

She’s a 1932 Ford Victoria, her name is Vicky,  and she lives at our house.

Richard, a friend of ours, rebuilt Vicky several years ago, and because he wanted a really nice engine, he came to Motor Man.  A few years later, Richard decided to sell Vicky, and once again, contacted my husband. That’s how she came to be ours.

Everybody loves Vicky. Even our sweet little niece, Livy.  If she were old enough to talk, Livy would be saying: “Mommy, Daddy,  I LOVE this car!”

Vicky has been in numerous car shows,

attended several Fourth of July picnics,

and been in two weddings,

The girl gets around.

4 responses to “Street Rods – Part 3 – Driving Miss Vicky

  1. Vicky is a gorgeous car!!!! Tell livy I want it too!! 🙂

  2. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Vicky is great! What a great asset to your family.

  3. Vicky is a grand ole girl but she sure runs the streets!!

  4. I waited for all three in the series to be completed… Street Rods, Rat Rods, and the Vicky…. Cruise down the street, and just watch the heads turn 🙂 (:

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