Daily Archives: December 7, 2010

Hey, 98.6


Hey, 98.6, it’s good to have you back again.

Remember that song?

Do you know what year it was? (1967)

Who the artist was? (Keith)  Gotta love Google.

How a song about the normal human body temperature could climb to # 7 on the Billboard charts?  ( I really don’t know the answer to that.)

I spent the last few days in bed fighting a bug of some sort, and waiting to see 98.6 again on my thermometer. 

While lying there, resting, I was thinking about the times I was sick as a child, and my Mom’s course of action – depending on the situation.

If I was running a fever, there was the pan of lukewarm water with rubbing alcohol added. She’d bathe me with that, and then pile every blanket, quilt and afghan she could find on top of me, so I could “sweat it off”.  I can remember the weight of all those blankets, and how I would ask could we please take some of them off? I was burning up under there.

If a cold was to blame for the problem, there was Vick’s Vabor Rub on my chest.

If it was a tummy related problem, there was Pepto Bismol or paragoric (can you even buy that stuff any more?).

Calomine lotion for chickenpox.

A cold cloth on my forehead and Bayer aspirin were standard issue for whatever the problem may be.

My mom always nursed me back to health.

Motor Man takes good care of me now.

Which reminds me of another line from that song: “Hey, 98.6, (your) lovin is the medicine that saved me”.

No, they sure don’t write em like that any more.