Daily Archives: December 10, 2010

Photo Op

From now until Christmas, Friday’s posts will be about snow.  Just doing my part to help get you in the spirit.

Our area doesn’t get very much snow these days.  When I was a child, it snowed much more often – and the snowfall was heavier.  I remember school being closed for a week at a time.  Those were the days, my friend.

Now – if it snows at all around here, it’s definitely a photo op.

Bride and groom swan definitely didn’t mind this cold, snowy day last winter. They just wanted to eat. Motor Man and I braved the elements to give them some bread. And also to take pictures of them in the snow. And pictures of us in the snow.

Motor Man is not a coat wearer, and when he wears this heavy coat, it is COLD.

Do they look appreciative? I guess it’s hard to tell with swans. They definitely don’t look cold.

Hey! Who invited the geese?

They must have seen a photo op.  And lunch.