Daily Archives: December 29, 2010

The Day After

On Monday, the day after the big snowstorm, we awoke to this amazing sunrise.

The Bride and Groom swans were here for an early breakfast.  Motor Man fed them while I took pictures.

Later in the day, we ventured out to see how the rest of the world looked after the storm. Well, the rest of the world within about a 15 mile radius of our house.

There are many creeks and marshes all around our little town.  The layer of snow made them even prettier than usual.

Trees seemed to be decorated for the holidays.

This is Jericho Road, one of the older streets in town. Pretty, but VERY icy. It was a winter wonderland.

These are old barns at Windsor Castle, a historical property here in town.

The day began with a beautiful sunrise, and ended with this gorgeous sunset.