Daily Archives: December 28, 2010

And Now, Folks…..A Really Big Snow

As I mentioned before, our area doesn’t get very much snow. A couple of inches is enough to throw most of us into a tailspin, literally.

The day after Christmas, we had the third heaviest snowfall in history.  I don’t know the exact amount, but we’re hearing around 14 inches.

It began snowing Christmas evening. The next morning, Motor Man and I ventured out very early.  This was our street as we were returning home.

Our yard looked like this by 8 a.m.

You may recall the photo I used for my Christmas post.

Here’s the same view, taken the next day. A layer of snow adds a little something, don’t you think?

During the afternoon, we had near-blizzard conditions. This is our yard, taken from the front porch.  At this point, I wasn’t leaving the house.

And our old cedar tree, during the worst of the storm, taken from the side door of the garage.

I took this from just inside the garage. Even though I didn’t want to be out in the storm, I did want to get pictures, so I made good use of the shelter the porch and garage provided.

Tomorrow, I’ll have pictures of our surrounding area, taken the “day after”, once the snow stopped and we were no longer snowbound.