Daily Archives: January 13, 2011



Since all my photos from the past few years are on my computer (and yes, they’re backed up frequently), it’s easy to look back at them. And there are some that always make me smile.  I thought it would be fun to share some of those from time to time.

Let me set this one up for you:

Every summer, Motor Man and I go to Cambridge, Maryland for a boat race. The race site is at a beautiful park on the Choptank River.

A few years ago at the race,  horse and wagon rides were being offered around the park.

Even though Motor Man and I usually take horse and carriage/wagon rides whenever they’re available, we didn’t ride this particular time.  But we did enjoy looking at the horses.  Aren’t they beauties?

I asked permission of the man in charge of the horses to pet them, and he agreed. Actually I think he said that they would really like that.

And this is the picture that always makes me smile.

Apparently the horse on the right was super friendly and decided to give me a nudge with his big ol’ nose. And that wedged me between him and the other horse. And Motor Man caught it all on film.  Well, he caught it all on a digital camera chip.

And it’s good for a smile. Every time.