Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

Chasing a Sunset


Friday’s sunset was Amazing. Beautiful. Colorful. Dramatic.  Hey! This could be fun. Go to the comments section (of this blog, not the Facebook link), and leave a one word description of this sunset. First commenter uses the letter “E”, second commenter uses “F”, etc.  If you can’t think of a word, you can phone a friend. Or skip a letter.  Let’s see how far through the alphabet we can get. The winner will receive…….the opportunity to see a picture of a future sunset on These Days.

Where was I?  Oh, the sunset. Here’s the picture, taken from our yard. 

We were on our way to dinner, so Motor Man took a little detour, and we stopped to take another picture. Our house is in the distance to the far right, but obviously there isn’t enough daylight in this picture to see it.

Before we reached our dinner destination, we passed by our local public boat landing. And stopped for another picture.

The last picture was taken about 15 minutes after the first one. Did you notice that the sky actually became lighter as the sun went down?

I don’t explain ’em, folks. I just take the pictures. 

And invent word games.