Daily Archives: January 20, 2011

Smile Photo: Marshall’s First Car

Last week I posted a picture that makes me smile whenever I see it. And since no one complained, I’m sharing another one of those pictures this week.

When my son, Marshall, was eighteen months old, Santa brought him…..(game show announcer voice)…  “A NEW CAR”!!  I wish it had come with an odometer. It would be nice to know how many miles he “drove” that little car. Note: although this is an adorable picture, it isn’t the smile photo.

It was the same Christmas that his “Goggie”, my mom, made that snazzy little blue robe for him. Goggie’s sitting in the rocker in the background.

Miles and miles all around the house, he drove that little car. Not one oil change, and we never had to replace the tires. And since it was powered by a Fred Flintstone-type motor, we never had engine problems. Note:  this is a cute picture, but the smile photo is still to come.

One day, Marshall was suspiciously quiet, and I went to check on him.  This is what I found.

Somehow he had managed to put the car in this little crib (NOT the one he was sleeping in at the time), climb into the crib and then get in the driver’s seat. And from the look on his face, he was rather proud of himself.

THIS is the picture that makes me smile. Every time.