Daily Archives: January 26, 2011



Once again, today I’m playing along in the 365 Words in Photos challenge.  Today’s word was a nice fit with an item I found recently.

The word for today is graphite:
noun: a very common mineral, soft native carbon, …. used for pencil leads…black lead.

Just last week, I uncovered an old journal, and within the pages of the journal was this “bill of sale”, written in pencil (graphite).

This was quite a find for me, considering, for one thing,  that I recognize the initials as those of the man who lived next door to my family for many years.  I’m fairly certain that the “B.C.” under his initials is an abbreviation for our little town, Bacon’s Castle.

Another reason I think this is interesting is the age of the document, and the perfect condition that it’s in. Being tucked in that journal has protected it from the light and other elements that would have damaged the writing and paper.

I was also surprised that it was written in pencil, rather than ink.