Daily Archives: January 24, 2011



One afternoon last week, Motor Man and I were going out, and noticed these deer in our side yard. I realize they could be girl deer (does), but for this post, we’ll call ’em guys.

And there was no doubt that they had noticed us.

 I had seen the one with the injured leg in our yard back in September. It makes me sad to know he’s hurt, but he’s apparently been successful- so far – in avoiding predators.  Hopefully our yard and the surrounding marsh grass will continue to provide him the protection he needs.

When I uploaded these pictures to the computer, I happened to notice that little guy on the right. He blended into the shrubbery so well in the first picture that he was easy to miss.  I cropped that photo and lightened it just a bit.

Revealed. Beautiful.

Maybe no longer camouflaged. But safe nonetheless.