Jon-a-quils? Daffodils?


Whatever you prefer to call them, they’re definitely one of the first signs of spring.

I hadn’t thought to look for my jonquil/daffodil sprouts until The Cotton Wife posted a picture of hers on her blog one day last week. Even after reading Jen’s post, I still didn’t think to go look for mine.

A few days after Jen’s posting, we had a dusting of snow during the night. The next day,  I finally remembered to look in my yard.

How could I have driven by them several times a day and not noticed them before now?

But, sure enough, there they were! I love jonquils/daffodils.  My Mom had them growing in her yard. But Mom always added an extra syllable and called them “jon-a-quils”. Do you suppose if I call them “jon-a-quils”,  they’ll grow to be as pretty as my Mom’s were?

 Jonquils/daffodils are so easy to grow. And best of all, they evidently aren’t tasty to the deer and rabbits.  It’s always a good thing when the critters and I don’t fight over flowers.

I actually did a little research as I was writing this entry. It seems there are differences between jonquils and daffodils.  Jonquils are much more fragrant, but daffodils grow taller. Daffodil stems are long and slender, where jonquils have rounded stems. And daffodils only have one bloom per stem, where jonquils have more.

Which variety do I have in my yard?  Hmmm….I’ll get back with you on that in a couple of weeks……

7 responses to “Jon-a-quils? Daffodils?

  1. Since we don’t have jon-A-quils or daffodils here at the apt. bldg, seeing your sprouts made me have hope that spring will get here again within my lifetime. I was looking at the branches of the trees Mon. to see if there were any little buds on them…but no, not yet!

  2. Isn’t it amazing that we don’t notice when something is right in front of our eyes!!! Looking forward to seeing them in full bloom. The arrival of spring here in Georgia is not nearly as exciting as it used to be in Minnesota…but it is still fun!

  3. I look forward to the blooms on these upcoming jonffodils.
    Thanks for explaining the difference!

  4. Awesomeness! Love the hope of springtime!

  5. They are already up (and some are already starting to fade) here in Calif. Glenn surprised me by filling a vase and putting it on the table for Valentines Day. (I am usually the one that brings in flowers!)
    Looking forward to seeing the photos of your blooms!

    (I assume jonquils are also in the narcissus family???)

  6. Oh man, I’m jealous now! :O The only signs of spring we have around here is… actually, everything’s still frozen and snowed down and lame where I live. 😦 Send some of that the Pennsylvania way, will you? 😀

  7. I haven’t looked for ours yet, but it’s always a sign that things are about to get warmer!! It’s about time, too ……..

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