Daily Archives: August 17, 2011

Sundae Says: Let’s Learn To Stamp

Hi, readers. It’s Sundae, and I’m writing today’s post.

First, a little update. With your help, I’ve decided on a name for the ‘woman of the house’/Motor Man’s wife. I shall call her Motor Mommy. 

And today, I’ve taken over Motor Mommy’s craft studio. You see, she makes greeting cards using rubber stamps.  And I’ve decided that if she can do it, so can I. So here I am on her worktable.  There’s all sorts of stamp pads, stamps, glue runner… what IS all this stuff, anyway? I’m sure I can figure it out.

I’ll just start with this. I believe she refers to it as a pen.

Oh, wait! I think I hear Motor Man. What’s he doing?

Oh yeah, back to this crafting business.  I’ll just check out this rubber stamp.

And I need to learn to use these scissor-things.

Oh, shoot! I got my paw dirty! This will never do.

And this stamping business is just too tiring. I need a nap.

Thanks for stopping by today. Sorry I don’t have a finished card to show you. I’m going to leave the stamping to Motor Mommy.  She doesn’t seem to mind getting her paws dirty.