Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

Quaking In Virginia

This ground,

This little spot on earth that we call home

…..shook yesterday.

Trembled.  Quaked. As in earthquake; a 5.8. The epicenter was a little less than a hundred miles from our home.

In southeast Virginia, this is rare indeed.  The last time an earthquake of this strength happened in our area was in 1897.

I was at home, alone, yesterday and can only describe those few seconds as weird. I actually seemed to hear more than I felt. At first, I thought we were having a tornado, because I thought I heard wind blowing. But when I looked out, there was no breeze.

The movement of this chandelier in our foyer was my first clue as to what had actually happened. It continued to shake for several minutes after the earthquake. (So did I.)

One of our local news anchors said that all the dogs at a nearby doggy day-care had taken cover just before the earthquake occurred.  So once I calmed myself down, I went in search of my own four-legged emergency alert system.

No, she hadn’t “taken cover”. That’s one of her favorite spots for bird-watching. I inquired of her as to whether she had sensed anything strange was about to happen. I don’t speak fluent “cat”, but I think she replied that all circuits must have been busy.

And now, we will begin preparing for Hurricane Irene.  Unlike yesterday’s earthquake, should Irene come our way, we’ll know to be expecting her.