Daily Archives: August 20, 2011

Smoke On The Water

It’s Saturday, and that means I’m sharing sunrise pictures. You may recall I mentioned last weekend that we are occasionally getting smoke in our area from a wildfire burning in the Dismal Swamp. Motor Man says that’s about 35 miles from us – “as the crow flies”.

I can’t really say if what you see in these photos from last Friday’s sunrise is clouds or smoke. But it made for a pretty sunrise anyway. I love it when I wake up, look out the window and see this. Because I know I’ll have a series of sunrise photos.

There’s the sun, just peeping over the horizon. Wake up! Wake up!

This next picture really shows the clouds/smoke.

But there was absolutely no doubt that this was (cough, cough) smoke during the sunrise on Thursday.

Although there are hundreds of firefighters working on it, the experts are saying that it will take several inches of rain to put out this fire.

Right now, forfeiting the sunrise to rain for a few days would be well worth it.