Daily Archives: August 27, 2011

Looks Like We’re In For Nasty Weather

6 pm update:  the storm is 1-2 hours from our area.  The wind has intensified, and they’re predicting tides could be 1-2 feet higher than any storm we’ve ever seen. That’s a little concerning to us. Water may get under our house, but it won’t get IN our house.

Mama Dove has remained on her nest through this entire storm. I don’t think I’ll attempt to post the picture I took – this laptop is tempermental at best. We still have power, but not our internet. I’m using a Virgin Mobile card and it’s “iffy” sometimes.

We had a major issue with windows leaking, but Motor Man came to the rescue and realized what was happening and fixed the problem. I’ve been rinsing and drying towels most of the afternoon.

I’ll really be surprised if we don’t lose power this evening, and will post a longer update with photos once my “real” internet service has been restored.  We’ve also lost our cable tv, so we’re listening to our local tv station’s simulcast on radio.

That’s the latest.  I may update later this evening, but if not, definitely in the morning.

Thanks again for your concern and prayers!


Noon update:  tide is rising, but not near our deck. Windows on the water side of the house are leaking, but we still have electricity!Oh – and the wind is howling!

Irene is knocking on our door, and things are getting interesting. Here’s the radar image from just a few minutes ago; we’re just to the left of the “N” in Norfolk. Right about where that red watch-box line is.

The rain woke me at 3:30 this morning. The wind and rain woke me again at 5.

Here are a few facts so far:

  • We already have water coming in around our windows. That’s a given when we have northeast winds. So I keep a stash of old towels to use at times like these. The only problem comes if when we lose electricity and I can’t use my dryer.
  • Sundae keeps staring at the ceiling. She’s obviously never heard wind and rain like this.
  • Poor little Mama Dove. We removed everything else in our yard that could blow away, but didn’t want to upset her, so we left the hanging basket. She is now “swaying”, to put it mildly.  But she’s still sitting on her nest. Wish I could bring her inside, but she’d probably prefer the hurricane force winds over a visit with Sundae.
  • Motor Man is so concerned about the storm that he’s still asleep. He napped during most of Isabel, while I paced. So today may be a repeat of that.

Sorry, readers, no sunrise Saturday this week.

This is our side yard; I see that we already have a limb down. Probably the first of many.

 I’ll update this post later today, if possible.  And thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate them!