Daily Archives: August 9, 2011

Sundae, “The Bag Lady”

For those of you lucky enough to be owned by a cat, you know that kitties will choose a spot, then lie/sleep/play in that spot for a day, a week, a month, and then move on to another location.

One day a couple weeks ago, as I returned from a shopping trip, I walked into our bedroom, carrying a plastic shopping bag from Walmart . I had decided to return the item in the bag, so I just placed it by the door to help me remember to take it when I went back to my car.

Sundae decided that this shopping bag was her new spot. So I removed the item that had been inside. She went on to flatten that bag like a pancake. It’s become a sort of nest for her. After I realized that this was her current favorite place to be, I clipped the “handles”, so she wouldn’t get her head caught in them.

Last weekend, when we were expecting company, I put her bag in a closet. I didn’t think our guests would understand a flattened shopping bag on the floor. That evening, Sundae went to that corner and obviously was searching for her bag.

It almost seems sometimes that she’s “arranging” the bag with her paws or her nose.  She’ll glance at it from across the room, then run over and jump on it. We think she likes the sound the plastic makes.

Meanwhile Sundae has several new cat toys that are being completely ignored.  Maybe they’ll get some attention when she tires of being a bag lady kitty.