Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

Rumor Has It…My Blog Is “Lovely”

Blog awards.  Bloggers either love ’em or hate ’em.  Personally, I love ’em.

Recently I received a new award from my Sundae’s good friend, Sammy, over at One Spoiled Cat. (I think Sundae and Sammy have  a little cyber “thing” going…..).  Anyway, back to my award.  It’s the “One Lovely Blog Award”, and I proudly accept it.

As is usually the case, I’m to forward this on to 15 other bloggers and tell 7 things about me that I haven’t previously revealed. I’m choosing to list 7 bloggers instead of 15.  Coming up with 7 things that I haven’t already told about myself may be difficult, but I’ll give it a try.

1.) I’ve always been partial to cats. Dogs are okay, but kitties just have my heart. There have been very few periods in my life that I haven’t been owned by at least one cat. This is Beezy, the kitty we had before Sundae.

2.) My favorite color is blue….any shade.

3.) I’ve never lived in a city; always been a country girl.

4.) My given name is Dianna, but soon after I was born, one of my sisters thought that name was too “long” for a baby, so she nicknamed me Dianne, and it stuck.  I use Dianna more now than I ever did in the past. Maybe I finally grew into it.

5.) I’ve ridden in several race cars and a Monster Truck. That’s me on the left.

6.) I still have my tonsils.

7.) I prefer old furniture to new, and prefer to shop in antique stores and thrift shops, rather than fancy new furniture places. Motor Man cut out the center of the top of this old oak dresser to make a vanity for our guest bath.

Now, the tricky part: nominating other blogs. I never know which bloggers like to receive awards. So I’m naming a few of the blogs I read. If your blog is listed, please feel no pressure to accept! If your blog isn’t listed (and you know that I’m a regular visitor), it’s either because you already have this award, or I know you aren’t “into” blog awards.

1.) A New Day Dawns – Patti is a fellow Virginia girl, and writes about a variety of subjects, but she’s partial to butterflies.

2.) Emjay And Them – MJ just seems like an old friend, although we’re “just” blogging buddies.

3.) Ellie’s Place In The World – Ellie lives in Scotland. My dad’s ancestors came here from Scotland, so I think it’s special to have a Scottish blogging friend.

4.) Georgette Sullins – Georgette is a retired teacher, and has SUCH a way with words. She amazes me with her writing.

5.) The Farmer’s Daughter – Cheryl writes great posts about varied subjects. I love the colorful headings she has on her blog.

6.) Under The Oaks. I recently discovered this blog. And discovered that the author has been following my blog for quite some time.

7.) Enjoy Creating – I just love to see what E.C. is up to.  And she’s a faithful commenter on my blog.

Please pay them a visit and tell ’em I sent ya!