Daily Archives: October 21, 2011

A Little Italian Restaurant

For many years, Motor Man and I have been going to Anna’s, a little Italian restaurant in Hampton. It’s near our local race track, so late on Saturday nights during the season, the place is filled with race teams.

But, perhaps more importantly to us, each Wednesday night, we meet two other couples there for dinner. We met them through racing, but many nights, racing isn’t even a conversation topic. We share the good times and bad in each other’s lives. We tell jokes. We have cake, cards and presents when there’s a birthday among us,

We exchange gifts at Christmas,

We celebrate.

We’ve known for a long, long time how special Anna’s is, as well as the family who owns it. At lunchtime Wednesday, a few other folks discovered it too.

photo from internet

And, as a result of the publicity earlier in the day, a normally quiet little Italian restaurant was bustling Wednesday evening. But, thankfully, there was still room for the regulars.