Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

Happiness In A Sketch

Drawing is a talent that has been hit-or-miss in my family. My dad could draw, my sister can draw, my nieces can draw, my son can draw.  But that talent definitely “missed” me.

Today, I’m bragging on my niece, Donna. She and her son live in Texas, and they visited with us last week (more on their visit soon). When Donna came, she brought a gift for her Mom.  It was a sketch she had done of her Grandma and was based on our very favorite photo of her.

This picture was taken by my sister, June, (Donna’s mom). Our mom had never done any traveling, so June treated her to a short trip to Myrtle Beach for a weekend back in the 1980’s.  Mom’s scarf had slipped off her head, and she was reaching for the ends of it right as June snapped the picture.

This is Donna’s sketch.

As someone who’s incapable of drawing a straight line, I was, obviously, amazed when I saw this.

But, I wanted to include in this post Donna’s thoughts about her sketch:  she doesn’t think she captured the happiness her Grandma was feeling when the photo was taken.

I guess each of us is our own best/worst critic. I think it’s perfect, and I bet Donna’s mom does too.

And I know her Grandma does.