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If Windows And Doors Could Talk

….and just maybe…..they can.

This room in Bacon’s Castle is known as the Ladies’ Chamber.

My Aunt Martha was married in this room on Christmas Day, 1935. And Motor Man and I were married in this same room on February 2, 2002, (02-02-02).

If you look closely on the facing of the window to the left, you’ll see evidence of my family’s years at the Castle. Remember I mentioned my Aunt Lucille in yesterday’s post?  The initials in the top left corner in this next picture are those of her (future) husband, AGB, followed by hers: LME. They’ve been painted over many, many times, but are still visible.

The initials in the lower part of the picture are my Uncle Andrew’s, ABE, and I’m guessing FEP was a girlfriend at some point in his young life.

This is the back side of one of the doors located in the attic at Bacon’s Castle. Once again, we find Andrew’s initials.  These carvings must have taken place after the ones in the previous picture, because MVB became his wife.

What would the window facing and attic door tell us? That Andrew was the first boy in his family to get a pocket knife.  That he once loved (or thought he loved FEP), but MVB won his heart. The window would tell us that Lucille, although she grew up to be prim and proper, was once a mischievous young lady.

And that would be just a small fraction of what those windows and doors would tell us. If only they could.