Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

Sunset Over The James

Newport News is the closest big city to us, and is separated from our county by the James River. We travel the 4 1/2-mile James River Bridge several times a week; most of our doctors are on “that side of the water”,  and there are many more restaurant choices and more shopping options in Newport News.

Last Wednesday, as we were returning home from dinner, the clouds were putting on quite a show for us. Motor Man took a little detour to a park near the bridge, so I could take pictures.

There was a storm “brewing” on our side of the river.  I’m not sure exactly what species of bird this is on the jetty (I’m thinking cormorant), but he had a front row seat. 

The setting sun was reflecting off the storm clouds.  That’s the  James River Bridge on the left. The structure just about in the center of the picture is the bridge’s draw span.

So even though these aren’t actually sunset pictures, the sun WAS setting just up the river…..behind the storm clouds.