Daily Archives: October 29, 2011

Castle Sunrise

Recently, Marshall & I headed out at “0 dark thirty” to catch the sunrise at Bacon’s Castle. He and I both have many, many photos of the house and property, but realized we’d never been there at that time of day.

It was a beautiful morning to be up and about so early.

 Marshall says the Castle just begs to be photographed.

I love this one that he took of the sunrise through the trees on the front lawn.

And this one of the barnyard area at golden hour. Even with algae on the fence, it’s still a beautiful photo.

When Bacon’s Castle was built, the front door was in the area of the house that’s illuminated in the morning light in this next picture.  It was known as the porch tower. Sometime in the 1700’s, an addition was built and joined to the original house by way of a “hyphen”. The front door was then moved to the hyphen.

Yes, this house begs to be photographed. And Marshall and I oblige every chance we get.