Daily Archives: January 9, 2012

Marshall’s “Girl Sundae”

You may recall from previous posts that, when I went to the Humane Society last spring in search of a kitty, my only requirement was that we be adopted by a lap kitty.

And you may also recall reading that, during that visit, Sundae convincingly curled up in my lap. But, once we brought her home, it soon became apparent that a lap kitty she was not.

However, in spite of herself, she’s learning that a human’s lap is not the worst place to be. Case in point: last week, Marshall came to our house to back up my computer files. As soon as he sat down at the computer, he had company.

Sundae is of the opinion that anyone sitting at that desk needs her assistance. Perhaps she was a secretary in a former life…?

And she just settled right in and got cozy. (Keeping an eye on the computer screen, of course.)

Marshall couldn’t resist having a little fun at Sundae’s expense.

Obviously, Marshall’s Girl Friday Sundae can take a little teasing.