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I Dub You: “White Cloud”

On our way to and from the Outer Banks, we pass by a small pasture with a little stable and a resident white horse. We don’t know how old this horse is, but it’s been there for years and years. As a little greeting, Motor Man will beep the horn as we pass by.

To simplify things, I named this horse “White Cloud”. I’ve never really “noticed” whether it was a boy horse or a girl horse. After looking at these pictures, I’m thinking maybe it’s a girl. But since my knowledge of horses is practically nil, allow me to move on to safe territory and explain the name:

(My first niece was born when I was five. When we were little girls, I had an imaginary friend, named Jewlsie. My niece had an imaginary horse, named White Cloud. I always thought having an imaginary horse was a bit silly, but I made allowances, because after all, she WAS just a child.)

Sunday, as we were passing by, White Cloud was out in the pasture. Motor Man pulled over on the shoulder of the highway.

I put down my window and said hi. White Cloud began to walk toward us.

And then, White Cloud started talking back to me. Well, actually, it was more of a snort. But it seemed to be a greeting.

Or maybe White Cloud was saying: “Hi, do you have any food?”.  When I said no, the conversation seemed to be over.

Bye for now, White Cloud! Maybe next time, we’ll bring you some treats. And we’ll visit a little longer.

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