Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

Sundae Says…Where’s The Sun?

This is Sundae, your roving reporter, coming to you today from various and sundry locations here in our home.

Since it was a rainy, cool weekend here, perfect for napping, I thought I’d show you some of my favorite sleeping spots.

On a sunny day, it’s nice and warm on my window seat early in the morning. Not this weekend.

This is the lower portion of a wardrobe that Motor Man made into a tv cabinet. I catch the mid-morning sun here. On a sunny day. Not this weekend.

Since I couldn’t find the sun anywhere this weekend, I had to opt for cozier napping locations. Motor Mommy and Motor Man’s bed served that purpose just fine.

But their recliner on this soft, comfy throw is probably my favorite of all napping spots. In any kind of weather.

How about you? Did your weekend including napping?

This is Sundae, your roving reporter, signing off and watching for the sun.