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Picked On

Thursday again. Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop again. This week’s chosen prompt:

4. Describe a time you saw someone getting picked on.

I witnessed a girl being picked on from the time I started school until I graduated.

“That girl” had always been very close to her mother and didn’t want to leave her mom to go to school. In the first grade (no kindergarten then), she cried every morning as she boarded the bus.  This earned her the nickname of “cry baby”.  The more the kids teased her, the more she cried. And the more they teased.

As the years went by, she didn’t cry as much. But the kids always seemed to find some reason to tease her. It began on the bus, but quickly spread to the classroom. Some of the bullies were younger than her, so the teasing continued through all of her school years. When she was in high school, one “imaginative” kid even composed a nasty chant, to be sung on the bus. I’m sure the victim, to this day, remembers every ugly word.

For some reason, the taunters were never reprimanded. Perhaps the teachers and bus driver never heard them? Perhaps they didn’t think the issue was important enough to address, even after she and her mom reported it to the school officials?

“That girl” was so fearful of being teased that, if called on in class,  she remained silent, most often knowing the answer. Receiving a poor grade was easier than being made fun of for the way she pronounced a word, or phrased a sentence.

Christmas break and summer vacations were heaven to her. She lived for weekends because she didn’t have to deal with being picked on at school or on the bus.

Thinking back to this time, I can completely understand why those who are bullied are sometimes driven to suicide, or to injuring or killing the ones who make their lives miserable. “That girl” once slammed a school book down on the head of one of the boys. Another time she dug her fingernails into his arm. That only added fuel to the fire.

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that “that girl” was me.

In the years Motor Man and I have been together, he has taught me to stand up for myself and not to be intimidated.

 Oh, if only he’d ridden my school bus…..

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