Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Weekend Trip Revealed

This past weekend, Motor Man and I took a little weekend trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our good friends, Bev and Bill, were also there for the weekend. On Saturday, we all climbed in their four-wheel drive vehicle and headed out on the beach up to the northern parts of the Outer Banks. We were in search of the “wild” horses near the Corolla/Carova area.

We ventured inland off the beach, each of us keeping an eye out for the horses. Bev caught glimpse of these two, bedded down, staying warm in the morning sun.

And then, nearby, we saw this beauty.

This next picture gives you an idea of the “streets” in the area. Black Beauty crossed right in front of us.

The next horses we saw were these near a small creek. Yes, they are that close to the homes in the area.

A few seconds later one of the horses (maybe the mom?) and the baby nuzzled heads. I didn’t get that picture, but did get this one. I think the baby must have liked the nuzzle. (Click to enlarge so you can see his “smile”.) His coloring makes it seem that he’s wearing black boots.

It was exciting to see all the horses in the above pictures, but as we were driving back down the beach, we realized the best was saved for last. The horses on the dunes were so beautiful.

Once again, it was one of those times when I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I seem to have a lot of those occasions.

Now you know how we spent part our weekend. I think there may be some OBX sunset photos on tap for Sunday’s post.

~The End.~

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