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Living in southeast Virginia, we are accustomed to VERY old homes. Of course, Bacon’s Castle is the oldest, dating from 1665. But there are many houses, dating from the 1700’s and 1800’s, in our area. Some have been maintained all through the years, some have been carefully restored after falling into disrepair, and others remain in poor condition.

Wolftrap, named for a nearby creek, was located on a country road not far from us and was on the National Register of Historic Places. Motor Man’s sister, Carolyn, is friends with the owner of Wolftrap, thought to be built around 1846, although Carolyn feels that it dates to an earlier period.

A few months ago,  we were invited to have a look.

This was the back of Wolftrap, but I think it was beautiful enough to have been the front.

And this is a picture from many years ago. I’m not sure of the date. Carolyn gave me permission to use this photo.

This was the front of the house, as seen from the lane.

Whenever I’m in an old house, I always try to imagine living there years ago. It’s hard to think about climbing these narrow stairs to the second floor every day. Especially for women with the longer dresses they wore in those days.

Or how about these steps to the third floor?

I love paths and lanes almost as much as sunrises and sunsets, so I took this picture of the lane from one of the second story windows.

And this one from a front dormer – up one floor from the previous picture.

Imagine the stories this old house could have told.

Since these photos were taken, Wolftrap has been completely dismantled. It is for sale, to be rebuilt at another location.

Carolyn sent me this photo of the site with the old home almost gone.

So, if you know of anyone interested in a big project….