Daily Archives: May 27, 2012

Sunset Sunday

As much as I love sharing my sunrise and sunset photos, I must say that writing the captions or descriptions of them is getting a little difficult.

For those of you who are regular commenters, you may be wondering what else you (or I) could possibly say about a sunrise or sunset…. right?

This was the evening of May 15. With Bride and Groom Swans there, I once again took WAY more pictures than necessary.

Motor Man just says he’s glad we don’t have to pay to have film developed.

Marshall says to take all the pictures I want, and that he’ll keep helping me with my photo archives.

The swans say: “take all the pictures you want. We don’t mind, as long as you bring bread”.

I hear you, Groom Swan. I hear you.

Okay, maybe writing captions isn’t so difficult after all.

But you’re still on your own as far as comments go. Happy Sunday!